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Our Area

Helen Keller once spent summers here in Eaton and this tiny, lakeside village of less than 400 continues to attract visitors looking for a simpler way of life.



Route 153 is the main road that meanders through the village of Eaton – a peaceful, less traveled road surrounded by mountains and small lakes – including Crystal Lake; the centerpiece of the town in all seasons. 153 also passes Eaton’s "Little White Church"; the most photographed church in New England.

"There is something timeless and eternal in a village which... still preserves within its boundaries the slow moving pace of the last century."


This is as true today as when it was written by William Ford Manley in the 1930’s when describing Eaton. Come experience Eaton Village and "listen to the quiet".

In addition to the Inn at Crystal Lake, Eaton is home to many, quality cottage industries including farms specializing in handmade goat milk soaps (Garden Dreams), Foss Mountain Farm (alpacas and rag doll cats)... handmade jewelry, watercolor postcards... restored antique radios - quite a mix of interesting products! Most of these items can be found at the Eaton Village Store – a town hub for breakfast, lunch, groceries and, of course, a little gossip.

IMPORTANT: Cell coverage is very spotty in our area. There is free Wifi throughout the inn and a good old-fashioned phone in each guest room as well.

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