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In 1884 Nathaniel G. Palmer built his spacious home around the site of a smaller home believed to be the residence of his father. His unique, Greek-Revival home, overlooking Crystal Lake (at least in the winter 😉) and Eaton's famous Little White Church, was documented in the North Country Council's Historic Buildings Inventory. Nathaniel soon began taking in the many travelers that came to spend their summers enjoying the mountains and lakes. His house became known as - not surprisingly - The Palmer House. After Nathaniel's death in 1899, his wife, Mary, continued to take in guests and their son, Frank continued this until the 1940's. In the late 1940's, The Palmer House was purchased by the Buckelew family who started Camp Star Acres. It was later turned into a co-ed boarding school and was incorporated as The Palmer House School in 1961. The school closed in 1974. In 1976 the original building was purchased by Frank and Mary Gospodarek who converted it back to an inn and called it The Palmer House Inn. In 1986, the inn once again changed hands and was purchased by Walter and Jacqueline Spink, who renamed it the Inn at Crystal Lake.

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Your hosts, Bobby Barker (left in the picture to the right)  and Tim Ostendorf, have owned the inn since July of 2001 and are extremely honored to be continuing the tradition started by Nathaniel Palmer in 1884. A little more background on them? Sure...

Bobby's family (originally from Boston) has been coming to The Mount Washington Valley for many years. And although Tim - originally from Connecticut - had only made a few requisite childhood trips to New Hampshire, he, too had fond White Mountain memories. Bobby and Tim loved New Hampshire so much that in the fall of 1998, they  purchased a vacation cottage in Conway. They enjoyed many happy weekends away from Boston and quickly realized that they wanted New Hampshire to be their permanent home. In the summer of 2001, they followed their dream and made the Inn at Crystal Lake their home. They greatly enjoy sharing this lovely landmark building and their many interests with their guests. Come and share some of your interests and spend some time with them at the Inn at Crystal Lake!

The Inn's sweet Monty (below left) gave many happy memories to many people. RIP dear friend. But there is a new addition to the Inn at Crystal Lake family - her name is Diva!

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